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Every woman and girl have within them the key to unlock the door to an ongoing successful and joyous life. Life is never easy though and we understand at Esja that the better the quality of support you have, the higher the chance you have of getting through life’s little and big challenges and staying on top of your game.


Our program of events is centred around our Esja Life Wheel categories.


If you would like to support and encourage others and could also do with a little yourself, then join with us and be part of the Esja journey.



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What is life without some inspiration?

Esja Events

Key to all our events is the concept of life balance. Our events aren’t just about networking, they are not just about business or drinking wine, and they are not just about spiritual growth. Our events are one of a kind. Some are a little left of centre or out of the box because we bring in elements from different areas of the Life Wheel.


Why? Because it’s fun and light-hearted and we at Esja realise that whilst we  can be complicated  on the inside we are also still kids at heart who just want to play and live life to the full!


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