About Esja

By reaching your full potential you inspire others to do the same

ESJA Woman is a women’s collective who inspires self-discovery and life fulfilment through environmentally responsible workshops, events and experiences both on and off line. 


Life balance is the beating heart of Esja. Our areas of focus cover career, finance, family, social, health, community and earth awareness, personal growth, home environment and intimate relationships.


At ESJA Woman we believe that every woman, girl, and in fact everyone has within them the ability to achieve amazing things and reach their pinnacle in life.


ESJA Woman is about creating a better world for the one and the many. We believe that the feminine energy is beautiful, authentic and strong. We choose to focus on women and girls because we feel that by giving women and girls opportunities to reach their full potential a ripple effect is created which then extends to families and communities, nations and the world.

At Esjawoman our words and actions align with the direction of our heart. Our aim is to empower women and girls to live their best lives, to increase the ability for power and control in all areas of their lives and hence the ability for women and girls everywhere to effect change. We want to reimagine a world where domestic violence is non-existent, where women and girls can walk freely and safely at night and be educated and paid at the same level as our male counterparts world over.


We want a world where as females we are all living our best lives full of compassion and understanding for others.


Every day Esjawoman works to develop events and experiences which support our members to grow and reach their full potential. We believe in our vision of the strong, fulfilled woman and in her ability to supporting and engaging others to also move forward in making this vision a reality for women everywhere.

Every woman has inspiring stories


Inspiration connects us with something which is both deeper within us and also out of our comfort zones. Inspiration can elicit paradigm shifts and drive us to a new purpose and higher awareness.


Our diversity as women brings value to our experiences as we connect. We can laugh, wonder about life and destress feeling that there is a common thread of humanity in all of us. By sharing and listening to each other’s stories in humour and vulnerability we become subject to the undeniable power of story itself.


When you meet women and hear incredible speakers at our events be open to letting them inspire you. If you have the chance, tell them your story and you may just realise what an inspiration you are for them too!


“When you are inspired, your energy surrounds you and naturally expands your capability to attract and lift others. When many inspiring people meet, they create a reciprocating virtuous circle.”

ESJA Woman

Anna Honeychurch – Founder and CEO



Hey and welcome! If we haven’t met, my name is Anna.


I started Esja Women’s Collective to provide a supportive place for women to inspire, share and connect, a place where we can be authentic about who we are and recognise that we don’t have to show up all the time as having our whole lives “together.”


We aim to lead by example, showing all young girls and teenagers that they are valuable, strong and deserve every opportunity to pursue and achieve their full potential as women in society.


Welcome to the Collective

ESJA Woman