Goodness Me Nutrition

Goodness Me Nutrition is a personalised nutrition consultancy run by university qualified nutritionist Corinne Nash. Corinne has a Masters in Human Nutrition from Deakin University and has worked in her own private nutrition consultancy for some years. Corinne also has a background in hotel and catering management. She teams her nutritional knowledge with simple recipes and down to earth tips to make small changes in your diet which will bring large changes in long term health risks.


In the midst of endless internet ‘information’, here is sensible, do-able and most importantly evidence-based nutrition advice to enable you cut though the dross and to make lasting changes to your diet which will decrease your risk of diet-related disease and disability. The World Health Organisation places diet and physical inactivity as the top two behaviour related risk factors for chronic disease. By being active and maintaining a sensible diet you are taking enormous steps towards living your healthiest life. It is never too late to start!


Working one-on-one with Corinne, you can make lasting changes for your health  through a diet that is suited to your nutritional needs, your lifestyle and which you can afford and prepare yourself. Forget deprivation, hunger or grapefruit diets. The advice offered by Corinne is a balanced eating pattern which will set you and your family up for years of good eating habits designed, based on scientific evidence, to reduce the risk of chronic disease. Corinne is approachable, realistic and a fan of chocolate, coffee and wine! For the price of a decent haircut set yourself up with the foundations of healthy eating for a lifetime through a personalised nutrition consultation.


Contact details

Contact – Corinne Nash M Hum Nutr
Email – goodnessmenutritionist@gmail.com
Website – www.goodnessmenutrition.com.au
Phone – 02 6629 1692 / 0413 086 054
Address – 87 Burnetts Road, Nashua, NSW, 2479