Jo Anne Irwin – Emotional Wellbeing Coach

Jo Anne is an NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner and works with you to access the unconscious layers that inhibit you moving forward. Supporting you to break through the blocks that hold you back from achieving the results you want in life. Eliminating disempowering emotions, fears, limiting beliefs, conditioned patterns of behavior and saboteurs, enabling you to clearly see the direction you desire and to live your highest purpose and passion.


As a result of her own battle with depression and struggling to survive bringing up 4 children on her own. This took her on a journey of personal growth and development working with some of the greatest minds in the industry. She has been spent the past 30 years’ coaching in the health, nutrition, wellness and personal development sector.


Jo Anne practices meditation and mindfulness techniques as part of her daily regime and has spent years studying different modalities to support change. She has a literally a toolbox full of processes and tools to support you.


Jo Anne believes when you dissolve dis empowering emotions, beliefs and behavior’s that keep you in pain and stuck in the perpetual cycle of just existing rather than fully living, your whole life will change. The way you show up in the world will be more conscious and you will be more aligned with yourself and your purpose. Whether it be your health, finances, business, career or relationships, with guidance and support you will transform your life. Jo Anne believes you can have it all and has helped to transform the lives of many in a very powerful and positive way!


Jo Anne works via video link via Skype so distance is no barrier and offers a free complimentary session to find out more. Details on her website.


Contact details

Contact – Jo Anne
Website – www.weightfreemind.com
Email – joanne.irwin77@gmail.com
Phone – 0411 822 456



Health, Personal Growth/Spirituality