Susan Vu

Transpersonal Counselling

Susan is a transpersonal counsellor and bodyworker who works holistically with clients, using a client-centred methodology, facilitating the growth process through a variety of means aimed at revealing the true self and inner authenticity of the client.


Susan has worked with women from all different backgrounds and cultures. She has spent years facilitating women’s circles and workshops around building emotional intelligence and resilience. Her aim is to bring about transformation, healing, deep self-discovery and compassion in her client’s lives. Some of the tools she uses in a session includes psychosomatic processes, guided meditations, breathwork, embodiment practices, sound healing, body work, hypnotherapy, time-line therapy, energy work and ancestral lineage clearing. She is a Reiki teacher and has studied Kinesiology, Energy Psychology alongside counselling.


As a transpersonal counsellor, Susan takes a holistic approach, viewing life and life experiences as part of the larger process of spiritual development. She empowers the client to discover and find their own healing processes through encountering deep self embodiment and recognition of the body’s intelligence and innate natural healing potential. Her intention is to assist clients in living up to their fullest potential and embody their highest truth.


Susan can guide you through a journey to transform and gently navigate

– Depression

– Trauma

– Your Unique Gifts and Purpose

– Stress

– Self Esteem Challenges

– Anxiety

– Addiction Recovery

– Over-thinking


– Shadow Work

– Mindset Transformation

– Spiritual Awakenings

– Self-Image Challenges

– Psychic Development

– Inner Child Healing



Contact details

Contact – Susan Vu
Address – Northern NSW
Website – facebook.com/susan.transpersonalcounsellor
Email – susan.transpersonal@gmail.com
Phone – 0415 616 321


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