The Happ Vocal Workshops

The Happ Vocal Workshop is a stunning vocal intensive that will develop your personal sound and strengthen your building blocks for expressing your own voice. In a calm, encouraging group of courageous, warm-hearted people, you will take the steps towards finding your honest, open vocal tone. Leave your fear at the door. You won’t need it here. Improvise, with a basis of accessible music theory. Know what’s happening in the music underneath you, and soar free with it. Create a repertoire of songs you feel strong when you sing, find your “go to” vocal sound and lean on it with relaxed ease.


Explore your most far-fetched vocal sounds and breath into them with a sense of extreme excitement and unabated desire. We’ll explore learning and finding knee-melting harmony, simple poetic original rhyme, we’ll plant your favourite tree in your diaphragm and strengthen your body with breath, grace and grounding. But most of all, you’ll worry less, and smile more, while you sing and hold space for your art. And really, that’s what matter most.


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Contact details

Contact – Shelly Brown (Twig Bird Productions)
Email – shelly@shelly.com.au


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