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Moon Lover


Valentina Mendez

I am forever a student of life.

My aim is to be living more consciously and more connected with my soul, and to be responsible for my health and happiness.

I help women to discover the divinity that resides within us, guiding you in a way where you can discover your own answers. My vision is for my community to learn and support each other in our personal journeys.


MY QUOTE TO LIVE BY: “It’s only when you take responsibility for your life that you discover how powerful you truly are”.





Celia Tudor

Growing up within a family of artists, I live and breathe creativity. Whether it be painting in the studio or singing and dancing in the lounge room. As an artist I am inspired by walks in nature, femininity and how life is forever changing. I like to view the world as a playground and tap into my inner child, seeking to find joy and love in the small things. I value the connection of community and believe everyone has a story to tell.


MY QUOTE TO LIVE BY: “Kindness is the best medicine”.





Charlotte Brown

I am an experienced teacher, mentor and yoga therapist currently completing my final year of a psychotherapy and counselling degree.

I divide my time between study, volunteering at Lifeline and one-on-one support work, and yoga therapy.

I hold a deep belief in the healing properties of the natural world.

I offer a warm, perceptive, sensitive approach that moves at a pace appropriate for you.

I provide a nurturing space to support and integrate growth, and to promote healing and empowerment.


MY QUOTE TO LIVE BY: “We are each more powerful when we empower each other”.





Susan Vu

A natural born spiritual seeker, I enjoy diving deep into understanding the mind, body and spirit. I take pleasure in seeing the interconnectedness between all things within and without. I’m a lover of nature, cats and travel. I enjoy staying curious and open to new cultures, ideas and perspectives. I love being able to bring the best out of everyone around me. It brings me a deep sense of joy and accomplishment.


MY QUOTE TO LIVE BY: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.




Yolanda de Cuevas

I am passionate about helping women create more ease in their daily lives through harmonising with nature’s guiding rhythms, I focus on achievable, realistic and practical ways to apply ancient wisdom to modern life. I have also worked extensively throughout my life in management with a focus on strategic planning, staff recruitment and development.


MY QUOTE TO LIVE BY: “Do your practice and all is coming”.